I divide my time between Germany, the UK, and France, my travel inspires a lot of my work.

I draw constantly, my drawing informs and feeds all my work, however abstract or expressionist it might be.

My work is mostly in oil and the drawing underpins it.

I like to work on big formats & small formats as they express different parts of my creatitivity. In the 2020 lockdown I have returned to making collages, where I rip my paintings up and assemble them afresh.

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2007 – Master of Fine Art with merit Coventry University, UK

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Karl-Kaipf, Herbrechtingen, Germany

2013 Duale Hochschule, Heidenheim, Germany

2011 Galerie Sebastien Kapelle, Ulm, Germany

2010 Broderick Fine Art Gallery, Freehold NY, USA

2009 Rathaus Galerie, Herbrechtingen, Germany

2008 Galerie Toni Mueller, Bern, Switzerland

2007 Where I fell in love Galerie, Shipston, UK

2005 Warwick University Library Gallery, UK

2001 Schranne, Giengen, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019 Warwickshire Open Studio, Leamington, UK

2018 Warwickshire Open Studio, Leamington, UK

2017 Warwickshire Open Studio, Leamington, UK

2016 Warwickshire Open Studio, Leamington, UK

2014 Warwickshire Open Studio, Leamington, UK

2012 Kunstverein Ulm, Germany

2009 Kunst aus Giengen, Germany

2008 Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany

work in public & private collections


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